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About UnderGround Supply

At Underground Supply Solutions, we strive to provide the Best HDD Tooling, Pipe Rollers, and Accessories at competitive prices. We combine those things with unmatched service, large inventory, and the knowledge to solve problems to provide an Underground Supply Solution.

  • Highest Quality HDD Tooling and Accessories
  • Unmatched Commitment to Service
  • Competitive Prices
  • Large Inventory
  • Product Knowledge
  • Innovative New Products
  • Melfred Borzall dealer

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First Hand Industry Knowledge

Underground Supply Solutions offers decades of combined experience in the HDD field. Our knowledge comes from being in the field, drilling, selling the drills, training operators on the drills, designing and making drilling tools, mixing mud, and hard work. We pride ourselves in having experienced many of the same issues you are facing every day. We enjoy helping figure out solutions based on what is happening now and with what there is to work with now, in YOUR WORLD. Doing that comes from having walked the bore path, punched a pilot hole, pre-reamed, pulled product back, and knowing it almost never happens as smooth as we think it will. We know its boring but, never dull.


  • 18029 Hufsmith Kohrville Rd.

  • Tomball, TX 77375