Quality HDD Reamers by Melfred Borzall

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HEDGEHOG Reamer.png

HedgeHog Reamer

  • Bi-directional cutters allow Hedgehog to be used as both a conventional pull reamer or a push reamer. Reamer of choice for sand and unstable soils.
HEDGEHOG Table.png
Juggernaut Reamer.png

Juggernaut Reamer

More carbide cutters than competitive fluted reamers mean that this versatile, compact tool makes tracks in lots of different soil types. Juggernauts with built-in swivels keep the reamer assembly as short as possible for reaming in cobble or loose rock.

Juggernaut Table.png
Barrel Stabilizer Reamer.png

Barrel Stabilizer Reamer

Keep your bore centralized on multiple pass reams while packing and stabilizing the hole. Hardfacing on high wear areas extend reamer life.

Barrel Stabilizer Table.png

Tornado Reamer.png

Tornado Reamer

Tornado is ideal for sticky clays and reactive soils but can also be used very successfully in a variety of conditions from sand to hardpan. Carbide tipped conical teeth efficiently rip through tough ground conditions and precisely positioned and angled so all the abuse is placed on the tooth

Tornado Table.png

Junior Tornado Reamer.png

Junior Tornado Reamer

Tornado Jr. makes it possible to do direct pullback of pipes up to 4” diameter for shorter bores in good ground conditions. Part of our FastBack system, use Tornado Jr. to ream a hole without taking off the drill head. Conical carbide cutters on an angled blade give both cutting and mixing action

Tornado Pup Table.png

OGRE Reamer.png

OGRE Reamer

Packed with carbide cutters, it has fast, smooth cutting with unsurpassed durability in hard ground.

OGRE Table.png

Shredder Reamer.png

Shredder Reamer

A powerful reaming machine in sandstone and hardpan with a mouth of carbide tipped shark teeth.

Shredder Table.png

Sabertooth Reamer.png

Sabertooth Reamer

With many tall shark teeth in a spiral pattern and a tapered packing section, the Sabertooth combination HDD drilling reamer tackles sticky, sandy or rocky ground conditions on a single bore.

Sabertooth Table.png

Turbo Reamer.png

Turbo Reamer

The Turbo reamer is your best option when you are reaming sand, dirt and other unstable soils. Back blades and packing section makes for easy pushbacks to swab out holes, resulting in effortless pullbacks.

TURBO Table.png

The OGRE Backreamer