Committed to helping solve problems.

Underground Supply Solutions opened because it was time that contractors, big and small, deserved a company that treated the contractor as important as THEY treat their customers. Contractors deserve a company that is committed to helping solve their problems, not creating them. We understand that when you call it’s because you needed it 20 minutes ago. HDD Contractors can call with confidence, because we understand what they need, it would be in stock, it would show up when they needed it, AND always have great prices. In order to achieve this we began manufacturing PIPE ROLLERS and partnered with the most respected and innovative leader in the HDD TOOLING industry, MELFRED BORZALL. Our goal is to create an HDD Tooling Company that Boring contractors tell other Boring contractors about because they liked working with us and trusted us.

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Our Helpful Staff

  • Decades of experience in the HDD industry gives our staff unmatched knowledge. It also drives us to stay up to date with all the latest tooling options available. We are always ready to help you find the right Underground Solution .
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