Rock Tools PDC Bits & Hole Openers

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Rock-It Mud Motors

  • High performance mud motor designed specifically for HDD
  • High torque to flow ratio means you get more drilling power with less fluid.
  • Can be operated at a slower speed for use with tri-cone bits.
  • High quality internal parts results in more drilling time before regular maintenance is required.

PDC Bits

Polycrystalline diamond cutter insert HDD bits

  • OT_Infographic_1.jpg
  • 6.5_Y513_HintonOK.jpg
  • OT_5.5_Y313.jpg
  • OT_5.5_Y513.jpg
  • OT_6.5_Y613.jpg
  • OT_8_T616.jpg
  • OT_16_T616.jpg
TCI Green Bit.png

TCI Bits

Tungsten Carbide insert HDD Bits