Fastback System

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Cutter Blocks.png

FastReam® Cutter Blocks

  • Ream without ever taking off the drill head. FastReam housing to cut up to 12” diameter for direct pullbacks.
Fast Stream Cutter Table.png
  • FastReam® cutter blocks designed after our best selling reamer, the Tornado®
  • Get through tough conditions while providing much-needed mixing and pumping action
Pull back link Types.png

Pull Back Devices

FastBack® pullback attachments allow you to pull back product without ever taking off the drill head, so within minutes of completing the pilot bore you’ll already be pulling pipes back.

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Quick Swivel pull back link.png

Quick Link

Don't worry about taking the blade off for direct pullback with this swivel. This quick swivel directly attaches to your Melfred Borzall blade for easy pullback.

Quick Link Table.png
  • Do direct pullbacks without removing the drill head
  • Quickly bolts on to most Borzall blades, including Excalibur blade
  • Swivel stays in line with the rotation of the drill head
  • Made from the same quality components as the 5-ton Valu-DUB swivel

FastReam® Transmitter housings

Threaded Transmitter Housing

Fast Stream Transmitter housing Threaded.png

Bolt on transmitter Housing

Fast Stream Transmitter housing bolt on.png